• Principles of physics For scientists and Engineers pdf

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    Principles of physics  For scientists and Engineers pdf
    Principles of physics  For scientists and Engineers pdf

    Part I Fundamental Basics
    1 Dimensions and Units
    2 Vectors
    Part II Mechanics
    3 Motion in One Dimension
    4 Motion in Two Dimensions
    5 Force and Motion
    6 Work, Energy, and Power
    7 Linear Momentum, Collisions, and Center of Mass
    8 Rotational Motion
    9 Angular Momentum
    10 Mechanical Properties of Matter
    Part III Introductory Thermodynamics
    11 Thermal Properties of Matter
    12 Heat and the First Law of Thermodynamics
    13 Kinetic Theory of Gases
    Part IV Sound and Light Waves
    14 Oscillations and Wave Motion
    15 Sound Waves
    16 Superposition of Sound Waves
    17 Light Waves and Optics
    18 Interference, Diffraction and Polarization of Light
    Part V Electricity
    19 Electric Force
    20 Electric Fields
    21 Gauss’s Law
    22 Electric Potential
    23 Capacitors and Capacitance
    24 Electric Circuits
    Part VI Magnetism
    25 Magnetic Fields
    26 Sources of Magnetic Field
    27 Faraday’s Law, Alternating Current, and Maxwell’s Equations
    28 Inductance, Oscillating Circuits, and AC Circuits
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